Neuroepidemiology in Tropical Health

Neuroepidemiology in Tropical Health

Neuroepidemiology in Tropical Health covers major neurological diseases of relevance in tropical settings and examines the specificities of epidemiology of neurological diseases in the context of tropical countries that face many challenges when compared to the developed world. Part One focuses on methods and their eventual specificities, and how such methods, like sampling, can be adapted for specific scenarios. Parts Two and Three discuss environmental factors and their consequences for neurology in the tropical world, as well as large geographical areas and their specificities. Finally, Part Four presents relevant neurological diseases in in-depth chapters.

This invaluable information will help readers recognize the various neurological conditions presented, with the inclusion of their aetiologies and treatment in tropical areas. The book therefore fills a gap in the neuroepidemiology literature, with chapters written by an international collection of experienced authors in the field.


Key Features
Highlights differences and similarities between neuroepidemiology in tropical areas and temperate zones with a focus on methods and underlying factors
Covers environmental factors in the tropical world and their consequences for neurology
Chapters include references (key articles, books, protocols) for additional detailed study
Includes wide topics of neurological disease in the tropics, not only infectious diseases, but also nutrition and public health
Neuroscientists, neuroepidemiologists, graduate and undergraduate students in biological and biomedical sciences, post-doctoral fellows, researchers, neurologists, parasitologists, clinicians

Table of Contents
Foreword: Neuroepidemiology in Tropical Health
Gustavo C. Román
Is tropical neurology specific?
Michel Dumas and Pierre-Marie Preux

Part I: Fundamental Concepts
1. Methodological challenges of neuroepidemiological studies in low and middle income countries
Farid Boumediene, Benoît Marin and Pierre-Marie Preux

Part II: Tropical Neuroepidemiology: Between Environment and Genetics
2. Neuro-epidemiology in tropical health: Socio-cultural factors
Philippe Nubukpo and Catherine-Marie Dubreuil
3. Climatic factors under the tropics
Jacques J. Reis, Pascal Handschumacher, Valerie S. Palmer and Peter Spencer
4. Economic aspects
Achille Tchalla
5. Tropical epidemiology: Nutritional factors
Jean-Claude Desport, Pierre Jésus and Philippe Fayemendy
6. Genetics of infections and diseases caused by human parasites affecting the central nervous system
Alain Dessein, Agnès Fleury, Hélia Dessein and Sandrine Marquet

Part III: Tropical Neuroepidemiology by Large Areas of the World
7. Asia
Mohamad Imran Idris and Chong Tin Tan
8. Neurologic disease of tropical Oceania
Jacques Joubert and Craig Barnett
9. Neuroepidemiology in Latin America
Carlos N. Ketzoian, Abayubá Perna and Heber Jochen Hackembruch
10. Epidemiology of neurological disorders in sub-saharan Africa
Redda Tekle-Haimanot, Edgard Brice Ngoungou and Dawit Kibru

Part IV: Focus on Specific Neurological Syndromes or Diseases in Tropical Areas
11. Epilepsy
Charles R. Newton and Pierre-Marie Preux
12. Dementia
Maëlenn Guerchet and Martin Prince
13. Other neurocognitive disorders in tropical health (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease)
Benoît Marin, Philippe Couratier, Annie Lannuzel and Giancarlo Logroscino
14. Vascular disorders
Thierry Adoukonou and Philippe Lacroix
15. Neuromuscular disorders in tropical areas
Stéphane Mathis, Laurent Magy and Jean-Michel Vallat
16. Headaches in tropical areas
Dismand Houinato and Athanase Millogo
17. Neuropsychiatric Disorders and Addictions
Jean-Pierre Clément and Philippe Nubukpo
18. Neurological syndromes or diseases caused by parasites in tropical areas
Francisco Javier Carod-Artal, Hector H. Garcia, Andrea Sylvia Winkler and Daniel Ajzenberg
19. Bacterial diseases of the nervous system
Jean-François Faucher and Marie-Cécile Ploy
20. Viral Diseases
François Denis and Sébastien Hantz
21. Other Diseases: Traumatic brain injuries, tumors and multiple sclerosis
Mouhamadou Diagana and Michel Dumas
Pierre-Marie Preux and Michel Dumas

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Published: 25th September 2017
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About the Editor
Pierre-Marie Preux
Pierre-Marie Preux
Head - Institute of Neuroepidemiology and Tropical Neurology (IENT)

Affiliations and Expertise
Institut d’Epidémiologie neurologique et de Neurologie Tropicale, Inserm UMR1094, Université de Limoges, Limoges, France
Michel Dumas
Michel Dumas
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Corresponding member of the French Academy of Medicine

Affiliations and Expertise
Institut d’Epidémiologie neurologique et de Neurologie Tropicale, Inserm UMR1094, Université de Limoges, Limoges, France